The “Sheikh Zayed & Europe: A Journey” Exhibition will be held from November 25th, until 31st December 2018. The exhibition will pay tribute to the late Founding Father of the UAE through rare pictures, videos, memorabilia and artefacts related to the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and the long history of cultural exchange between Europe and the UAE.

Visitors are taken on a nostalgic journey with the late Founding Father and are invited to explore his legacy and his historical relationships with Europe and European leaders.

Star objects designed specifically to pay homage to the Founding Father will be unveiled, such as fragrances by the French perfume house Henry Jacques specifically made for Sheikh Zayed.

The exhibition is organized by the European Union Delegation to the United Arab Emirates and the Bulgarian and Austrian Presidencies of the Council of the European Union for the year 2018, alongside 23 Embassies of the other EU Member States represented in the UAE.

The exhibition is held under the patronage of the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and is partially sponsored by Total, the Emirates Motor Company and Al Badie Group.

The exhibition is a joint endeavour with partners that include: the Founder’s Office, the National Archives, the Crossroads of Civilizations Museum, the Emirates Heritage Club’s Sheikh Zayed Center for Studies and Research, Al Fahim Group, the Emirates Philatelic Association, Zayed University, Henry Jacques, Faustig, the House of European History, C.G.SCHUEBEL Gallery, Carrera and Pielleitalia.

The official media partner is Abu Dhabi Media.

The exhibition also includes workshops and public engagement initiatives throughout its duration.