11:00 AM


Family Workshop: Crafts

Using traditional transparent paper and scissor cut techniques that are typical for German winter crafts, this workshop will invite children and their parents to draw inspiration from the Memorial's platonic solid constellation and the chandelier in the Sheikh Zayed Mosque to recreate little decorations that capture the light in their windows at home. The idea is for the children to express their interpretations of the shapes they see in the memorial constellation and the famous chandelier through a traditional European handicraft.

Come and find out how to use different techniques and take a portrait or greeting card home with you.

Paper cutting is suitable for children as young as 6 and above. Children under 10 must be accompanied by a parent.

Parents are highly encouraged to join their children for this family workshop

Date: 12th January from 11 am to 12:30 pm

A certificate will be presented to participants who complete the workshop

11:00 AM


Talk: I had a dream – Taking heritage to a different level

A talk by German Artist Christine Schubel, whose work has been inspired by the UAE Royal family and its remarkable animals; the falcon and the Arabian horse. Christine Schubel has created tapestries portraying Sheikh Zayed (exhibited in the exhibition) and a new way of art called paint-shooting. This new way of art has been recognized with admiration from several members of the UAE Royal family. Christine portrays falcons and Arabian horses in a totally new way. Schubel uses moving animals like flying birds and produces sensational art pieces, as well as reviving the old Royal tradition of woven tapestries. The talk will be about Schubel's story and her technique of capturing the beauty of the UAE.

A certificate will be presented to participants who attend the talk.

This talk is suitable for adults

Date: 19th January at 11 am